Laser doesn't turn off while engraving text

Hi, Been using this excellent software for a week but one thing I can’t find and its probably easy but I’m stuck. I’m outlining some text and its all great except the laser doesn’t turn off until its finished so it engraves the lines as its moving between letters.

What controller are you using?

If it’s a grbl controller, do you know about laser mode?

Hi, I’m pretty new to this the controller says grbl 1.1 when I connect up

Definitely read that page then. If that doesn’t make it obvious, you’ll want to send the $$ command and paste the output here. Mark the output as plain text this way:

output from $$ goes here

Sorry for being a bit thick but I’m stick on the first bit about reading that page. I think the problem is that the laser turns on when it gets to the first bit but doesnt turn off when its moving between letters, it just turns off at the end of the job, if that makes any sense?

That’s why I’m suggesting reading that page!

sorry I dont know which page you mean?


Thanks got it, I’ll have a read, thanks again, told you I was a bit thick.

Wow, laser now turns on and off as it moves around, This would probably have taken me weeks to find. Thank you so much for your help.