Laser diode can only fire manualy

I’m new to all this.

I have taken a small laser diode and put it on my anet a8.
I have hooked up all the wires correctly and when told to print it goes through all the motion, but no fire
The fan comes on, as it should to start my laser, it moves properly around the file, but no laser starts.
I can hold the manual laser fire button down and it will fire, throught out the whole file…just won’t start the laser.

I have tried different start commands, but nothing starts the laser.
thanks in adance if you can help.

I assume that the anet a8 you refer to is a 3D printer.
Please provide more detail on exactly how you have added the diode.
What diode did you add?

In case you have not seen this: Installing 8.5 watt laser on Anet A8 3D printer. How to change laser power on a 3D printer - YouTube

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looks like I didn’t hook up my TTL wire.
thanks for the assist