Laser Cutting Lock Picks

The intersection of locksport and lasers! Lock Picking Lawyer showing off his fablight laser cutting thin sheet stock into lock picks. Eight minutes of laser!


“Starting at an affordable price of $59,900, FabLight laser cutters…”

I’m glad it’s affordable :smiley_cat:


Fiber lasers sure aren’t cheap! It isn’t clear to me that they are intrinsically expensive, though. I wonder whether we will see economies of scale for fiber lasers making them accessible to hobbyists some day?

I have no idea what LPL has chosen, but if I were starting a business like that, dollars to donuts I’d be leasing not buying, at least while bootstrapping. And maybe even if not bootstrapping, given the rate of change in this industry right now…

I’ve been looking at a 30 watt fiber for about 4K. Just sold the house and there seems to be a hole burning in my pocket… :slight_smile:

Don’t know if I would really use it that much, I’m pretty wrapped up with the CO2 machine. Been hacking on that also…

It’s apart, but here’s a couple of shots…

This is the X axes motor drive.

And the head assembly… although it has the drag chain and brackets that are now history…

It looks like this now… sans all the other useless mass…

From the X axes end

Also, same angle, as I was doing the bracket changes

Waiting for some parts to be able to adjust the tube. Mostly back together, but not functional.

Have my X axes acceleration at 30,000 mm/s/s up from 5,000… When it’s back up, I’m going to push it to 40,000.