Laser cut Topographic maps

Laser cut Topographic maps

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I’m about midway through this for the first time, and can’t figure out how to smooth out the groupings to make it look as clean as his. I can get it grouped fine, but that’s where his tutorial starts to be a little too vague (because it seems the process is pretty subjective to the map you’re working with).

It’s also not too clear exactly how to get your hands on DEM files. The org he mentions does offer topographical data models, but in a wide array of formats, and their interfaces are confusing. I’m not even sure the data I ended up trying was strictly a DEM at all, but ArcMap does seem to know how to use it.

Regardless, I’m pretty bummed that ArcMap is commercial, and comes bundled in with ArcDesktop. I’m not too happy about the idea of having to keep an active subscription just to be able to use it… I’d love any viable open source alternatives if anyone has any suggestions.

@Bob_Buechler ​ I haven’t done this particular one but if you know SketchUp you can get simple topologies from Google maps, then just slice them horizontally. Something like this

I had a thought to do this for my local neighbourhood as a wall hanging/art piece, just never got around to it. Thanks for sharing @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty . I’ll take a look.