Laser cut some new side panels to enclose things.

Laser cut some new side panels to enclose things. Now I just need to sort out a lid.
Also installed a new raspberry pi 2 with octoprint/octopi. The speedup in loading and visualizing gcode files is amazing. The webcam is much more responsive too. ~30 fps at 1280x720.

Looking good. How are you liking the new carriage and hot end combo?

It’s awesome. You have a really great design there. I just need to take the time to extend the bottom duct ring down so it’s properly aligned with the volcano hotend.

Wow. Much light so beautiful.  I also cannot comment enough on how much better the pi 2 is. My motion pie setup runs smoothly with 2 wireless cameras and the pi camera too.

I wish it is easier to get access to them. Everywhere they are out of stock or highly marked up.

@Dat_Chu Have you found an alternative? Or is this just a waiting game? @Jason_Smith Nice setup, thank you or updating us.

Alternative for the pi? Not really, I just have to shell out for those $15 shipping cost of MCMElectronics :(. Can’t wait for Amazon to start stocking these.

Paid $45 for mine on Amazon:

Damn, I really need to build an Eustathios!

Looks great Jason!