Laser Cut Bandsaw Table Insert

My recently acquired (Grocery Store Run to Power Tools): Craftsman 12" bandsaw is up and running beautifully after a little TLC.

The original aluminium table insert around the blade is a bit scratched and chewed up, but still very serviceable.

But it got me thinking if I could make my own if I wanted like a zero clearance insert. One of the things that might be better with a 3D printer, but the K40 laser is what I have.

The insert is 0.1" (2.5mm) thick. Using 1/8" (3.2mm) plywood means I would need to lose about about 0.7mm in thickness. While I could sand it down, I opted to remove the material around the edge by doing a deep engraving.

The inner unengraved area fits the edge of the inner lip on the table. This allows to retain thickness for stability. To add some weight, and more stability to the piece, I also cut another piece that is the same size of the inner unengraved area and glued it on.

Works great :smiley: It’s wood, so everything is sealed with a clear spray finish. If I do it again, I would probably orient the grain of the wood parallel to the blade to ensure a smoother glide surface.


nicely done. I wonder how this would work with acrylic.
I cut mine by hand out of acrylic.

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Like @donkjr, when I saw the topic, I assumed you had used acrylic.

What you really want is a CNC router to cut it out of POM, including the step. (@mcdanlj is helping…)

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Or you could do this:

…but that’s no fun!

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