Laser constantly firing when powered

Hi all,

I’ve got a problem when i turn the laser machine it’s constantly firing. It’s K40 machine, so the test fire diode is still on but when I press the test fire button, it’s even brighter.

But when I disconnect my control board (mini Gerbil) it stops firing and working as it should.

(ATC M6, pulse/ff)
(ATC Tool Td, milliseconds)
(ATC M6 Td, milliseconds)
(Softstart, milliseconds)
(Spindle freq. 0 to 15)
(x:mm max)
(y:mm max)
(z:mm max)
(a:mm max)
(b:mm max)

Problem verification:
When power is applied to the machine the laser turns on.
The laser stays on until I disconnect the miniGerbil controller at which time the laser turns off.

Other than lights on the panel how do you know the laser is:

  • On at power up?
  • Off when the controller is disconnected?
    Can you see the laser tube plasma light up during this condition?

How did you disconnect the miniGerbl to shut down the laser? What cables were removed?

This machine is highly modified.
Can you provide:

More information on the machine’s operational history.

  • Did this machine ever work correctly?
  • Are these new symptoms or the result of a change to the machine?
  • Other background information

Please provide:

  • Model # of the LPS.
  • Drawing of the wiring between the LPS and the miniGerbl

Exposing yourself to a tool whose laser is not properly controlled is dangerous. Since the laser is not under rational control and its light is invisible do not operate the machine with the covers open.

Yes, the machine was working on this setup before. I’m only changing the frame, as before I had some 3D printed parts and now it’s full metal.
I’ve checked all the wiring and grounding all is ok. I’ve even connected the original M2 nano board and it’s working with it correctly. With the miniGerbil I haven’t changed anything, only tried firing macro:

M4 S200
G4 P10000

It’s hard for me to help when all the above questions are not answered.