Larger format i3 variant Bart Pro XL Source files at Build docs and

Larger format i3 variant Bart Pro XL

Source files at

Build docs and specs at

It’s a scaled up version of my Bart i3 with a 360 mm x 260 mm x 200 mm. The original Bart replaced the threaded rod frame with a melamine structure. You can use aluminum composite panel (Dibond) as well. The goal of the machine is to give makers an opportunity to build quality, lower cost machines. If you have access to a makerspace with a CO2 laser and some other basic tools it’s pretty easy to crank one of these out. You can also convert your curent i3 using most of your existing parts. Also in the pipeline dual extrusion and bed probe. The source for the first crack at the dual extruder is in the Github. I’m still waiting on sensors to implement the bed probe.

Full disclosure I make and sell kits, including this one. My focus is to have everything open so you can make all or any part yourself. Or buy one if you’d rather. For the full kit I’m looking at a higher end board, at least a Rambo Mini for the first batch but would love to make this a 32 bit machine. I’ve got a Smoothboard and a Replicape is on the way. Of course if you are building one from scratch you can use whatever you like. The video is using a 24 volt powered RAMPS. The bed is so big it needs to be a 24 volt psu to get it up to temp in a reasonable time.

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Bart Pro XL