Large Ink stamps

Printed some ink stamps for the wife. Each is around 4 inches.

Also using a new material that I haven’t used before, TPU. After printing feels like rubber and really flexible at 20% infill.

Here are my models that I used for the stamps.


TPU is wonderful stuff!

Are you printing them with ink-side-to-bed? Or using “ironing” on the top layer?

I’ve made a bunch of functional parts out of TPU; all the door stop bumpers in my house, furniture feet, bumpers for things at head level, cases for electronics, and more. But I don’t have your artistic gift…

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Yep. Really impressed with the material. Feels just like rubber.

I tried printing both ways to see what works. Ink down on platform is definitely the way to go but it is also harder to model that way to make sure no supports are needed.


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