Large Actuator Design in Fusion


Not sure if anyone has started work on the larger actuator, but I have made a start on it in fusion 360.

So far it just contains the adapter to use the touch panel with the larger shell cap.

The next step is the main shell, which will need extending out a bit to fit the pcbs from the smaller actuator behind it.


Nice! I have not gotten around to the larger actuators yet, so this is nice to see.

I’ve kept the spacing for the screws to clamp on the original arms. It did occur to me though, rather than printing long cylinders for the arms, maybe as an alterntive option it would be worth using plastic pipe, and designing printing and adapter for each end?

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I think the detail on these shells is so exact that trying to use plastic pipe would not make this fun/good anymore. Just placing the air vent holes, or the screw holes, or the cutouts for the LEDs, or even the end cap rim to snap hold it in is so much detail you’d never be able to pull it off with plastic pipe. I always feel like who cares how long it takes to print, because the length of the print is shorter than any shipping time from Aliexpress anyway!

Would love to see your files posted at some point when you feel good about them.

Also, at some point we should move to metric screws. I’ve hesitated due to all of the rework, but the longer we wait the worse it gets.


With the piping I was just thinking for the two long arms that connect the larger actuators, just as an option to avoid tall prints for those with smaller printers. I used metal pipe, and 3d printed ends/brackets/attachments when i made a MPCNC, which seemed to work quite well as a system. The thought of doing the actuator shells from a piece of pipe is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat!

I definitely agree about supporting the use of metric screws, as they are easier to get hold of outside of US/UK. I have used parameters for the screw holes sizes so that changing the screw size should just be a quick and easy change of parameter value.

Eagle files are up on my github fork, on a branch

Don’t print them yet they are not complete! All feedback and constructive criticism welcome, they are work in progress. There is still quite a bit to add so i’ll put them on a dev branch until they’ve been printed and verified as correct and working.

Edited to add github link