Labor Day weekend Maker Project.

(Mike DiMare) #1

Labor Day weekend Maker Project. Beehive Monitoring System w/solar panels from Adafruit, bread boarded and ready to make some PCB’s.

Trying to use the most simple of tools. #printrbot #sparkcore #particlecore #tinkercad #fritzing

(John Car) #2

I love my Pintrbot simple. This printer puts out some real nice parts. I already wish it had a bigger bed. LOL

(Andre Courchesne) #3

What size (voltage and current) of solar panel are you using to charge the LiPO battery pack ?

(Jimmy Edwards) #4

Once you get it working, consider soldering it down to a perf board. Will be much more reliable.

(Mike DiMare) #5

@Andre_Courchesne1 It’s a 6V 2W Panel, 2500mAh lipo battery.

(Mike DiMare) #6

@Jimmy_Edwards That’s the plan, probably will even get some PCBs made and use screw terminals Any ideas for good connector types for adding and removing sensors?

(Mike DiMare) #7

@John_Car Yeah, I also have the Printrbot + LC at my disposal, but this simple metal just prints so much better.

(John Car) #8

These printers have such a solid XYZ axis

(Jimmy Edwards) #9

@Mike_DiMare I like to use Phoenix screw terminals. You can get them in 0.1 and 0.2 inch spacing which fit nicely into perf board.