Kossel Mini Config problem

(Mikekim_SW) #1

I have a Kossel Mini delta printer from 2016.

I replaced the control board (originally came with a MKS Mini-B 1.0. on of the drivers doesn’t work) with a Panucatt Re-arm/RAMPS 1.4 board with A4988 drivers

I configured the config file from the smoothieware and panucatt instructions, but I get clicking from the steppers and minuscule movement it doesn’t seem to read the endstops.

The config had the default current of 1.5 and I had the ref voltage set at 0.7
It was getting a bit too warm, so I lowered the current to 1.0 and voltage to 0.55 (what it originally came at.

I’m sure that there are a bunch of things to look over, so can someone that has a working Kossel Mini with A4988 drivers and smoothieware working, post their config?

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(JackDahm_SW) #2

Hey, I would make sure that the wiring to the steppers is correct. I have a Kossel that I bought from the company EZT and they had rearranged the wiring of the steppers to try and prevent people from upgrading.