Known about these hinges from work thought they'd be perfect

Known about these hinges from work thought they’d be perfect


Omg. I want. You don’t have an extra set do you?

we had one box left at work ill see if i can get some more tomorow

Wow. I want one as well.

Looks like on amazon there are some similar brackets called “Delta Lid Stay Brackets”, but yours look much nicer.

Also found some results on google under: klok stay brackets

Klok ones are them I’ll see what I can scrounge from work there for discontinued items so who knows

I’ll take a set as well please

I put an order for some from our spare parts department we’ll see if they arrive

@Derek_Schuetz you are the man.

Now to design a printable one for the masses.

A printable one would be useful to many many projects.

They kinda look like an IKEA part. they’re all about funky kinematics and smooth, silent, closure.

They are for an old ikea kitchen top cabinet we use to sell