Kinda like christmas today :) What also arrived today was my Titan Aero from

Kinda like christmas today :slight_smile: What also arrived today was my Titan Aero from E3D Online. The motors from OMC-Steppersonline already came a few days ago. The one I ordered ( actually only weigs in at 145g and not 180g as advertised. The Titan Aero comes at around 255g which makes this a 300g direct extruder.

Hope I can find the time to design a carriage and test this out.

I want to see this.

I have this carriage for the BMG. The duct could be modified for the Titan.

oh, very nice. Have you tried that setup yet? Would be interested to know how much it weighs with the E3D v6 under there.

I was thinking about the same mounting idea as there’s no other mounting option on the Titan Aero. Though I will go more before the rod to be able to go deeper as the hotend is so short. Is that a 50mm blower? That looks nice. that way.

Yeah the Aero is problematic because of the short hotend. You would have to mount under the rods which kind of defeats the advantages of the Aero because you loose Z height and put the center of mass further from the bushings leading to higher deflection.

I haven’t run it yet. I designed and printed it. But since I have other direct drive printers I chose to stay with Bowden for better print quality at high speeds.

Here is a weight comparison when I was comparing Titan vs BMG.

ok, should probably come out at 300g at the end too with hotend and cables , I guess. Good comparision. Might still have to see if the aero works well on the Eusthatios. As you said it might not work well with the short hotend but definitely tempting to try.

Certainly worth a try. I am excited to see how it turns out. Also I will get the carriage up on the GitHub once I get back to my computer.

Thoughts about a sideways mounting configuration? Shown is Titan with pancake on my steel i3.

With a Cross-rod Gantry there is no sideways :slight_smile:

Good point. So in that case I mean moving the assembly forward such that the pancake motor is in front of the rod instead of over it. Then you can move everything down.

Yeah that works. The hard part is ideally you want the center of mass of the extruder or hotend between the bushings on Cross Rod for that axis. This means widening the carriage because you are limited at starting in the corner of the rod crossing since the cross rod can’t go through the motor.

This leaves two options for an extruder like the Aero with a short hotend. Mount it below the cross rods (you can maybe tuck it in a little under the upper cross rod). Or secondly in a corner between the rods crossing which results in a wide center carriage eating up XY travel.

Can the Aero be altered to use a belt drive instead of gear reduction? That might allow you to move the motor to balance the assembly on the cross-rods, while maintaining the short drive gear-to-nozzle length of the Aero.

@Dale_Dunn this sounds crazy, but I guess not.

would you share your lovely design for the titan on the i3?