Kinda FastLED related. I am looking for a simple PCB board to handle incoming

(Darren Hedlund) #1

Kinda FastLED related. I am looking for a simple PCB board to handle incoming 5v power supply to have capacitor and/or fuse to stop popping pixels.
Currently just soldering on a capacitor to the power line, but be dammed someone should have something somewhere

(Jason Coon) #2

I don’t know of one, but I might be persuaded to make one. :slight_smile: What MCU are you using?

(Darren Hedlund) #3

@Jason_Coon Then I know it would be perfect. I have trying different kinds (sooo many to choose). Normally I use featherwings, but been toying with this one as of late.

(Jason Coon) #4

Aw, thanks! :slight_smile:

Interesting, why that one in particular? Is it the price? It’s nearly the same price as the Wemos D1 Mini, but lacks the USB to Serial adapter.

(Darren Hedlund) #5

@Jason_Coon Just testing different varieties. Like this one because of the program mode switch and the price point is quite low. I use the Wemos D1 for testing but once you got your code going, I really don’t need the micro USB. Your code is still one of my favorites…

(Darren Hedlund) #6

Clearly I do not have your skill set but I think this kind shows what I was thinking of. Something were I could be able to have a plug in 5v power to flow to the ESP and also the pixels without the worry about static charges or power spikes destroying the pixels or the ESP. My Soldering skills have increased so that is good. LOL

(Yves BAZIN) #7

@Darren_Hedlund @Jason_Coon thx for this post. I will also be interested in that

(Darren Hedlund) #8

@Yves_BAZIN Oh thank gawd I am not the only one. LOL

(Chris Rees) #9 I have the receiver boards that are fused power with a place for a 1000uf cap. However the use rj45 for the pixel sends

(Jeremy Spencer) #10

Would be very easy to solder another capacitor on one of these

(Darren Hedlund) #11

@Jeremy_Spencer Simply, yet does the job, I like that.

(Darren Hedlund) #12

@Chris_Rees Is that just a PCB your selling?

(Chris Rees) #13

@Darren_Hedlund I have some left but will probably get these on oshpark

(Chris Rees) #14

@Darren_Hedlund yes

(Darren Hedlund) #15

I think a better power shield for the D1 would be awesome. One that allows for a DC female socket DC 5.5 * 2.1mm like the v1 D1 shield has but also Right Angle Terminal Blocks connector kits. I am a newb to PCB design and parts needed.
If anyone could whip up a PCB deisng and BOM, I would be happy to order and test to see if maybe we can evolve the D1 even more for FastLed and wonders of LEDs.
Then could evolve that for ESP32 and other MCUs
Almost like this but more for driving pixels and such…

(Jason Coon) #16

I just ordered prototypes for several new PCB designs. The first is a Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 Shield with 6 level shifted outputs, barrel jack power connector, and large traces on both sides of the PCB for both power and ground. It should be able to safely handle 12A, although most barrel jacks are only rated for 2.5A. Large gauge wires instead of the barrel jack would safely handle much more current.
missing/deleted image from Google+

(Jason Coon) #17

This one is a small four output level shifter shield that could be used with any MCU. It should also be able to safely handle ~12A.
missing/deleted image from Google+

(Jason Coon) #18

And finally an eight output level shifter shield, also rated for ~12A.

I’ll let you know once I’ve received and tested them, in case anyone’s interested.
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(Darren Hedlund) #19

@Jason_Coon Nice,!

(Darren Hedlund) #20

@Jason_Coon Ready to order, let me know when they are on Tindie.