kickstarter printers have sunk to a new low....

kickstarter printers have sunk to a new low…

It’s not the absurd funding stretch goals. It’s not the worst promotional video I have ever seen - for anything. It’s not even the gimmicky pledge levels and childish language used to describe their “ACME telescoping bolts” . All of that is bad - but the worst part is the lack of any visible connection between the z-stepper and the 4 vertical lift points - and no actual timelapse video of a print being accomplished. Parts are shown, in a blurry context, but never from the side being printed - we only see (briefly) one of the first layers of a print being done. No mention of z-axis resolution or wobble from having 4 lift points that can’t be particularly rigid. The only mechanism I’ve seen similar to this ( ) is crazy stiff, but also complex and large - and while rigid, requiring metal to produce - clearly not used here.

Maybe I’m being overly harsh, but if this isn’t an April fools joke, I’m depressed about the effect hype is having on the 3D printing world.

So with “bulk” ordering of parts for 25 printers, they can get %60 discount on parts? I have no experience with this, but I feel like that’s BS.

Also, they are calling the ViKi a panelolu, :confused:

Who the hell wears a fedora in a promo video? I mean at least he’s wearing it with a suit, but that guy was sitting in front of a green screen with a fedora on… ಠ_ಠ

Wow, terrible writing in the description AND it’s “leather coated”?

This will be the next big thing in printing, I’m sure of it.


I think most human beings naturally have distrust for people who won’t look directly at them when talking, I wonder why they chose to shoot the video in this style. Also, the top plate of the Z seems to wobble when going up and down, but I’m sure that’s just because it’s a prototype, etc.

Gentlemen don’t wear hats indoors.

At 2:15 you can see all the wobble. During this part the camera gets panned around. It seems like an attempt to hide the wobble. I hope for the sake of those who do not know better that this does not get funded.

Worst KickStarter I have ever seen. Horrible video, horrible product. They show a photoshopped timelapse print, for crying out load. If this gets funded I will lose all faith in humanity.

If only kickstarter allowed public comments or questions. Moderated to keep flaming to a minimum of course

they misspell quiet as quiet and the appearance in “professional appearance” in the video.

Wow, it’s worse than a Darwin reprap. There is a reason we moved away from over constrained z axis.

If I contribute $1 can I comment? And will they have the power to remove my comments or hide them?

@Nick_Parker You should be able to comment, but I’m not sure if they can remove them or not. Maybe just link to this thread, if you do.

Yeah, if you back $1 you can comment, even if the first rewards is higher, and no they can’t remove the comments, but someone at kickstarter might be able to.

Alright I just broke kickstarter’s rules about being nice and stuff but hey, maybe I’ve saved some poor new folks $1800.

Yeah its dead.

Check out the message they sent me though: Hey Nick,
You are obviously not an expert engineer, the printer works better then the crap you have posted as a “Good” printer. I have owned them all, and none can print as good as this one. I hadn’t posted any videos yet, but I have printed objects at 20 microns that are over 6" tall. How could I do that if the printer doesn’t work? One thing that none of you have obviously noticed is that the printer has a telescopic frame. (BIG WHITE parts on the corners). The damn frame is just as strong as any other 3D Printers frame. Yes, I will agree, without it, it would suck. But with it, it prints beautifully.

How bout you go back to your parents basement and shut your mouth. You obviously are an idot, the world doesn’t need more of you roaming around.

I’m an idot guys.

He’s owned the all, yeah sure. If it’s so great why did he end the kickstarter? Why wouldn’t he show everyone what his printer is capable of instead of running and hiding. This guys a joke.