Keenovo heating pads now available with 150° bimetalic thermostat

Courtesy 3D Printing World, I learned that you can now get Keenovo heating pads with built-in thermal protection.

I have bonded TCOs to the pad (so that it will still trip if the heating pad de-bonds from the bed) but I think I would be comfortable not using a TCO with these thermal switches in place.

If you pull down the variant chooser, you’ll see that most of the variations are available with the optional thermostat. I can’t imagine not getting the thermostat now that I know it is available. Kudos to Keenovo!

  • If your heater comes with a built-in thermostat, please kindly note that the thermostat, being mechanical (bi-metal and snap action), should not be considered as a precise temperature control device, but as an auto-regulating and over-heating protection device. Its action temperatures may be subjected to certain tolerances or hysteresis due to factors such as heater power rating, ambient temperatures and heat consumption/loss rate etc.