Kamikze 2.1.0 is out! Remember to read up on the Kamikaze 2.1.0 wiki page,

Kamikze 2.1.0 is out!

Remember to read up on the Kamikaze 2.1.0 wiki page, and fire away.
Release notes also have instructions on how to upgrade from a previous version if you want to (or just download your local.cfg and re-initialize octoprint, that’s cool too)

Is this weekend already? :slight_smile:

It must be somewhere, :sunglasses:

Apologies, but it seems the image is bad - a bug slipped through and the image won’t flash! I’m working on a fix now.

Uploaded a fixed version! Please make sure that you use the file ending in version 2.1.0a. My apologies for the problem!

So I’ve added a section on how to backup confusions to the release notes.

Those will work on 2.1.0 as well

unfortunately quite a few. Nothing you can’t do by hand if you’re really pressed for time. Did you have the original 2.1.0 image then? or was it 2.1.0a? For 2.1.0a the fixes are straightforward and involve just copying a couple files into place again (octoprint config.yaml if you don’t have yours, and the octoprint.service for systemd are two that we know were corrupted). Perhaps we can help you faster in the #suppor channel on slack?

Not yet. I’ve got a working SD card with the new image on it, but I’m having difficulties extracting it into a file. At 4 am I decided I needed rest before I messed up again… I’ll try to upload an image today

I just finished confirming the image I built this time is good, it should be uploaded on github in a few more minutes. Sorry for the trouble, but I hope the effort devoted to fixing it right this time will lead to not running into the same problem again next time. I’ve spun off the SD extraction software into its own little project, because I saw nothing to help on Google when I was looking for indications on how to do it… Cheers guys!

It’s confirmed - the new image is printing and working for others :slight_smile: Sorry for the troublesome release process!

Correct - if you only want to run from SD, commenting that line will boot from SD instead of flashing.

Is that a good way to test new version by booting to SD?

It is, but it won’t be as fast as running from the eMMC. If you back up the files as per the release notes you’ll be better off flashing it and then you can always restore 2.0.8 if that’s not to your liking