K80 ruida doesnt fire (test from power supply works)

Hello everyone,
I just bought K80 aka red Chinese laser. I am trying to test fire (pulse), but nothing happens.

  • Water cooler is turn on and running (if its not, when I press pulse it gives error about water flow).
  • Lid is closed

When I click TEST on the power supply it fires.

If it fires from the LPS test switch then something is not enabling the supply interlock circuit.
Do you have a DVM and can you tell us what the voltage is on the 6-pin connector of the LPS?

Measure relative to the LPS ground.
Have all interlocks closed and coolant flow.

Generally the L-On1 (laser on) goes to L on the lps.

LPWM1/L-AN1 to the IN on the lps.

That only leave P which is usually wired to ground, the Ruida handles the wp issue.

Is this how it’s wired?

A voltmeter will bear out if they are active, indicating if the controller is working…

@donkjr the Ruida handles all the door and water protection issues. P isn’t used and is usually wired to ground.

If it faults during a run, you can just fix the issue and and it will allow you to continue. If you have a power fail in the middle of a job, it gives you the option of starting where the power failed when power returns.


I saw that in the users manual and it is check mark in the “pro” column.

Bingo!!! That may be one reason why the controller uses L the way it does!!!
Stange that it would not just interface to P??

Starting to feel like Laser Enable is controlled by firmware… not a machine I want to operate!

Better not purchase a new car. You and your life are at the firmwares discretion. You just give input to the controller, other than that you’re along for the ride :crazy_face:

In all accounts our Subaru is a CNC machine. I give it inputs and it (hopefully) carries them out. All running on software… :scream_cat:

I guess there is no reason to use the P input. All it does it disable the lps. Maybe you remember how it’s in the schematic, but it seems to me that P controls the lps the same way L or H does.

I suspect you could use P or L interchangeably, but it’s just a guess.?

It also allows the controller to know where it was halted and handle the error with some kind of elegance, other than just resetting and loosing the job/material.

I have all but water protect disabled. WP isn’t working properly on my Ruida. The signal gets to the Ruida, but it doesn’t recognize it internally.


I am very sorry for such a late response. I hope you understand I was able to fix it and was excited to run a new “amazing” laser.
Well, the first problem was not a fully attached connector to the PS it even shows in the photo I shared. The second was a faulty water sensor which flooded my new laser room.

Replaced the water sensor and everything looks like works fine.

We should have seen it in your photo…

Glad you’re up again…

Just curious, how did this happen?

Did it just leak somewhere?



I turn it on left to google why the laser not working. I found all the water :smiley: Water was leaking though sensor it self.

The actual sensor broke? That’s seems odd… thanks, I was thinking the failure of the sensor (electrically) caused the flooding… That’s where the curiosity came from… didn’t think of a mechanical failure…