K40 with mini gerbil and LightBurn won’t work

My laser will not fire. Have talked with awesome tech. They couldn’t get it to work. I have had problems with messages not being delivered. I have a new internet provider and hope this helps. Any help would be nice. I forgot that awesome tech thought it might a grounding issue. I am a novice at this and don’t understand everything about the electronics.

Is this problem worked on another thread?

I think you’re right Don.

Some history to help here. We looked at it and were stumped at the issue. The laser manually fires. The signals LO and PWM are available and LP/WP are grounded. Unfortunately we ran into a dead end and without a scope or physically being able to look at it, it is very hard to diagnose the issue. We suggested a maker space or a technical acquaintance or student who lives near by to look at it.