K40 Whisperer suggestions

Hi Scorch,

Big fan and daily user of your great software…(it’s true, but so far the sliming :-))
I have a few questions for you:

  • Would it be possible to make your own settings as a default? eg. I would like to have my engraving speed set to 300mm/s, my cutting speed to 9mm/s and my cutting time visible all time?
  • After the last update I get gcode as standard file type when opening a file. How can I reset it to svg?

Thanks in advance,

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Same question from me on the default file opening type, used to be svg now it’s gcode.


You can save all of your current settings as the new default settings by clicking the “Configuration File” “Save” button in the General settings.

The default filetype and file location will be the file type/location you opened last before clicking the save button.



Thanks a lot!