K40 Whisperer Request

This issue is probably caused because I am old, but :

I keep forgetting “Rotarty” is ticked on. Then I start a job and it is ruined.

Would it be possible to indicate somewhere on the main screen that its enabled? Maybe change the text of the “Raster” button to “Raster Rotary”?

I will give it some thought.


On my version (v0.54) ‘Use Rotary Settings’ is unticked by default.

My laser is running on a PI, which I never turn off (along with the water pump).

So with the K40 off, I setup the rotary device, or remove it, then turn on the K40 and log into the PI.

At this point, the rotary setting is what ever it was last.

I know this is local to my setup, but keeping a setting that affects the machine functionality visible seems like a good idea.