K40 whisperer do not load SVG file

I have a problem with whisperer, I can’t read files. Am a new user and at first it worked, it took a long time but eventually the SVG file was read, but now it doesn’t work at all. After a while I have to abort the program.
Do you have any idea what I should do?

How long does Inkscape normally take to load that SVG file and does it load the SVG file successfully?

I would then check the version of Inkscape and see if it is supported/listed on the K40Whisperer installation instructions. ie maybe your system automatically updated the version of Inkscape to something which doesn’t work.

between 5 to 15 seconds and the are good
I check the version of inkscape
Thanks for the info

You can increase the timeout over in Setting → General Settings → Inkscape Timeout.

Rastering larger documents at a high resolution does take a while and it also uses quite a lot of RAM.

If you want to check if there is a general problem, create a small (1x1" or whatever) test design and see if that works.

Earlier I had done a quick update of my K40whisperer and it wouldn’t load SVG files on Ubuntu. Then I realized I had updated Inkscape to version 1.x.x so I downloaded an appimage version of Inkscape version 0.9.24(?), tested it ran then put the path to the appimage in the K40whisperer settings and then K40whisperer would load the SVG file. YMMV.

Hello Doug
I have installed version 0.92 off inkscape, and now I can load the svg files
thank you for the tip

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Good to hear you have it working. Oddly, the version I had tried from from a git repo and was version 0.42. I just checked and the latest from Scorch is version 0.58 so I grabbed the source and ran it with python2 without specifying my Inkscape version( natively I’m running 1.0.2 ) and it loaded a complex Aztec calendar SVG file just fine.

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I had forgotten that Scorch doesn’t retain his source on github so I had thought doing a pull updated what I had to the latest but that was not the case. I should have checked the version of K40Whisperer in the local repo and what Scorch had on his site.

Using the latest is almost always the way to go.