K40 Whisperer cutting intermittently

Hello so I created file in illustrator written what I wanted to cut converted to outlines united it all then set 1pt around loaded in whisperer all is fine until I go to cut it doesn’t in constant lines. Won’t let me attach a video to show any help would be appreciated not sure if it’s computer or not an old 2012 Mac book air.

Can you explain in more detail what you are describing in this quote:

Sorry I didn’t see the notifications on my email. So basically when I start a file to cut it will start the operation but it will stop as if to buffer is the only way I can describe it. If I use meerk40t I don’t seem to have this issue some files are worse than others all of which work fine on meerk40t so everything I try to cut with it seems like an eternity. I would add a video but it won’t let me.

You can create a free account and upload the video to Vimeo and then share it here. That’s usually what I do for video’s because of the the file size constraint.

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@ThomassTimber can you upload a sample SVG that has had the problem?

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