K40 + Visicut (Win/Mac/Linux) with Smoothie board replacement.

K40 + Visicut (Win/Mac/Linux) with Smoothie board replacement.
One big step forward for a usable solution !
Thank to @Thomas_Oster (Visicut developer)
Community call for help - Beta testers needed

Go there to find out about Visicut open source software -> https://hci.rwth-aachen.de/visicut
You will need a Smoothie board to upgrade your K40 -> http://smoothieware.org/getting-smoothieboard
Then please test all Thomas changes and report bugs and stuff in the pull-request https://github.com/t-oster/LibLaserCut/pull/23 from where you can already download the first build files.

Visicut for Win/Mac/Linux already existing, Visicut driver for Smoothie board (LibLaserCut) was the last missing link for a fully operational chain, hardware to software to mod our cheap K40 laser cutter at reasonable price. (Smoothie is cheaper than DSP board and benefit of Smoothie community support).

@Arthur_Wolf did told me sometime ago a K40 was modified with a Smoothie board. A hardware Mod tutorial would also be needed for our K40 community, any candidate ?

Thanks for the heads up on this. Lookin around I see a chinese board which may be suitable - AZSMZ, I’ll start doing some research, something similar could end up on my 3D printer or K40. See here: http://thinkl33t.co.uk/smoothieware-compatible-mainboards/

@StephaneBUISSON We are working on conversion kits for Smoothie/K40, including a full panel with a LCD etc. And documentation of it. No release date yet though.


Visicut will actually work with the Stock M2-Nano board now. It is however, poorly built to work with these sorts of laser cutters. More the send the whole project and execute deal. Much less the whole send the project while it’s hooked up to the program.