K40 Unable to cut in full bed area


I seem to be unable to cut some 3mm wood successfully when the piece I’m cutting occupies the full bed area. It seems the far top right quadrant has very weak laser power.

I checked the alignment of the mirrors and it seems that the very front axis (from full left to full right) is aligned, but the back edge axis is not parallel with the front.

I this a limitation of the K40’s? It looks to me that the X / Y axis is not square.

Maybe I’m just not patient enough and need to spend more time aligning :frowning:

Any advice would be welcome.


How did you determine this?

If this is the case, Y is on an gantry that has bearings on both of its ends. This would seem to indicate that these guides or bearings are not right…

Some of these machines have what they call a bad corner or 4th corner problem where the beam isn’t exactly right at that one corner…

Do you have the 4th corner issue or is it the whole width in the rear?



I measured the gantry on the left and right edges with reference to the front edge of the frame.

I have since managed to correct this now. Originally it was about 4mm out.


That’s a bit unruly…

Glad you figured it out…


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