K40 test button issue

New K40 in setup, Laser fires ok and will engrave from K40 Whisperer file but mirrors need major alignment. Problem is test button on panel will not fire. Test button on power supply board fires ok. Changed momentary test switch but no joy. Checked connections all ok. Any ideas in tracing the test button issue.

Welcome! Could you provide a picture of your machine and power supply?

thank you for your prompt reply Problem appears solved. I’ve since read thru an older post with similar issue but with a modified controller however the thrust was a fault in the 5V supply. So i again pulled the 6 pin plug, took out the wires, examined the connections and terminals, all good, put it all back and now it works, but I will (at a future date or when it fails again) check all connections thoroughly.

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Glad you fix the problem. Many a time people have fix problems with their new K40 by simply taking it apart and putting it back together. Quality is not a word associated with K40s. :laughing: Could have a break in a wire that has now reconnected since it was moved? :thinking: