K40 slider wont move smoothly

I bought this Ridgeway laser, its a K40 laser. It came in quickly but it has a major problem with a one of the axis, it will not slide smoothly back and forth. It appears that a type of bearing came apart. Where can i find this part?

Welcome @Fernando_ZNEAS! You clearly aren’t an incoming spammer, so I made it possible for you to post more pictures. Can you post pictures from different angles to show what you have? Thanks!

It’s a little difficult to see, but will it not screw back in?

Thank for your help.

you can see all the little ball bearings simply fell out and i am not sure how many might be missing. I tried pushing it back in but without the missing pieces, its uselss to even try. I just wonder if that part is even available.

Ah, that’s annoying !

Looks like it’s held in with a spring clip.

If you can remove it, it maybe easier to identify. It will be a “linear bearing” - perhaps you could take some internal and external measurements and start to search …

I’m not aware of a spares seller - but someone else may on this forum :+1:

Any help is greatly appreciated. I will try and disassemble it tonight. Thank you Jammy
The ebay seller claims they will send me the parts but i have little hope. They had high marks on ebay so maybe they will com through. I didn’t save the packaging so sending it back might be expensive to package safely.

Oh, I didn’t understand what I was looking at until I saw the other angles!

Yeah, linear bearings like that are cheap and readily available. If the vendor comes through with replacement parts that’s best; if they don’t, we can help. Repacking is a pain even if you could find all the bearings that fell out. But I suggest waiting to find out whether the vendor will make this good before we start helping with a fix.

Removing the “circlip” is a lot easier with circlip pliers. I bought an inexpensive set of four; angled and straight; opening and closing. It’s possible without but fiddly.

If you disassemble it, keep all the parts in a ziploc or something so that you can measure them. Do you have calipers for precise measurements?

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I was really hoping to try this thing out. I guess i will wait and see if the seller comes through. ive never heard of a “circlip” so I’m sure i don’t have the special pliers. haha I will look into this. I have calipers, but its because they were on sale. I have never used them. I will probably disassemble and see how it goes. Thanks for all the help. I guess it gives me time to order the right meter and pot switch.

Thank you Michael for allowing me to post more pictures.

The calipers will be useful for measuring the rod that the linear bearing slides on, to get the right size of linear bearing. :slight_smile:

“circlip” is also c-clip and I don’t know how many other names. It’s the circle clip that stretches to fit a groove, and has little holes to stretch it.

General advice is to take lots of pictures as you disassemble. :slight_smile:

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