K40 PSU question: what is the L pin?

I came here from https://www.everythinglasers.com/forums/
in search of someone that might tell me what the L (low signal?) on the PSU of the K40 laser is for.

I have repurposed my old k40 laser to be a drawing machine,

it works nicely, but I would like to not use the PSU it came with, and replace it with a 24V, 5V PSU. Is the L pin just a trigger to the PSU telling it to generate high voltage? Or does it trigger other things as well? I am tied into the L pin from the arduino, that uses pulses on that pin to actuate a servo motor.

(I think maybe I can disconnect it, or maybe tie it to gnd, basically, I’d like to make my machine smaller, and avoid the 20KV being generated at all) I havent sourced a replacement 24V,5V regulator yet.

The L is a low true signal that fires the laser if the enable circuits are on.
L is typically the dot information coming from the controller.

The L pin typically has nothing to do with servos’s, it is the digital input to turn the laser on and off with the image information ???

If you do not want to use L leave it open. Grounding it will fire the laser.
If you are going to replace the 24V and 5V and not going to generate HV then you do not need the supply at all. The LPS control is completely independent of the stepper control logic on a stock K40.

That answers my question, thank you.