K40 on eBay for $49.99?

So I saw an add for Glowforge on Facebook awhile back and it was my first introduction to laser cutting. Its way out of my budget right now. So I’ve been reading a lot about the K40 which is in my budget. I’ve been browsing eBay for one and came across some for $49.99 today. Of course it seems too good to be true but I ordered one anyway. If I never get it, I’ll just get my money back from eBay. Wish me luck that I actually get it and it is as described. Not sure what I’ll make with it yet, but looking forward to trying it out if I do actually get it. They’re selling like hotcakes on there so I’m not the only sucker apparently.

Seller’s listing https://www.ebay.com/sch/hongchen_l/m.html has a tremendous number of items listed at that price. That seems… unlikely. Lots of other “deals” there too. :roll_eyes:

Thanks. I came to my senses in time to cancel my order. I noticed a couple other things like free shipping which is not realistic given the weight and the shipping method is only for light packages less than 4 lbs. I wish people could just be honest.

I still want to buy one though. It is suspicious if the price is in the $275-$300 range? Can anyone recommend a reliable seller? I’ll go with a US seller too.

I did post some amazing deal found on eBay on Mac mini, later find out it was a hack eBay account, possibly a ex staff revenge. Got refunded swiftly.

A k40 at 275/300 $ is the right price, check eBay rating before buying.

This seller has a good enough reputation across enough buyers that I expect either it’s the same kind of thing that happened to @StephaneBUISSON or simply a mistake using the software they use to manage their eBay listings or even a bug in that software…

I am amazed people even consider such ads and even more amazed Amazon, eBay etc dont have a means of reporting/deleting the obvious scams, they are up for weeks sometimes. It pretty much does not matter what product is offered, search for the normal price and IF the “sale” is 10% of normal it IS a SCAM. I’ve seen $200,000 laser rust removers for $199, $5000 electric bikes for $59 etc. About the biggest discount you can expect on expensive tech items is 50%, more than that and you need to do your homework as the odds are againt it being legit. They are praying on human nature of wanting something for nothing. Worse people are stupid enough to bite and THAT fuels more ads as the scammers ARE making money.