K40 - MKS SBase 1.3 Wiring Diagram

Hi everyone, new here, new to the K40 and lasers in general, however i’ve been an avid 3d printer for a couple of years now.

I have an un-used sbase 1.3 lying around and i’ve seen that its possible to use this on my new k40 in order to use lightburn and have more control than K40 whisperer offers, however im having a hard time finding much info regarding getting it all connected.

If possible, could someone please share with me a wiring diagram for enabling this if you would be so kind?

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I can’t help with the wiring diagram, but sharing one other piece of information that is relatively new… If you are interested in exploring other software options as well, you might want to play with Meerk40t, which can also work with the m2nano controller. See the latest release at MeerK40t 0.6.0 released! or browse the whole MeerK40t category

I’d certainly say at least try MeerK40t, if you want a bit more control over that stuff.

It’s totally possible to wire an sbase to use it as a controller. But, none of the plugs are plug that easily transfer over. I wired up a Moshiboard (reverse engineering project) a little while back and even for that I had to make a wire for the power since and it’s basically just a last generation controller. Looking at the various wires needed for both that’s a lot of changes are needed. You’re not looking at many standardized plugs. It’s one of the reasons for the pretty high pricetag on the C3D controller since it does quick laser mod switching with plug and play.

For references. Maybe on the X and Y, no on the power. Other ones dunno.

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I helped someone a long time ago with an Sbase. Here is a link and my notes page.

These are for an older version but it can get you started.


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