K40 (mini) upgrades

Hey! Thanks for letting me join this group. I have some questions if you have the time to help me with them. A little history first so we are all on the same page: I am not new to lasers but I am new to CO2 lasers. I have owned a few diode lasers in the past but wanted to move up to being able to cut wood.

I recently found a K40 mini on Facebook for sale. The person that I purchased it from said it only had about an hours worth of use on the laser tube. From what I understand, it is what is referred to as a “mini”. The actual model is US-320S-BW if anyone can confirm.

I know this may not be ideal but I haven’t fired up the laser yet. I wanted to go over it first with a fine toothed comb so I basically gutted it. I removed the exhaust port entirely (just felt that it was in the way) and I cleaned it out because there was a lot of dust and Styrofoam randomly floating around inside. I removed the bed, the standoffs that it was resting on and then began to inspect it thoroughly.

I have a plan for the Ventilation, Smoke assist, air assist, cooling (including flow control and temp gauge). It has LED lights already inside and for now I don’t want to upgrade the control board or the controls. However, I do have some questions regarding upgrading the laser nozzle and/or the bed.

With the diode lasers you can focus the beam. I have looked at some of the aftermarket nozzles and they look like they do telescope but from what I understand they don’t focus the beam. So would it be better to buy/create a bed that moves up and down or am I wrong about these nozzles? It seems like a nozzle that would move up and down would be better/faster/cheaper than purchasing a bed that moves up and down but I am ignorant to the K40 if I am being honest.

Other questions I have - I live in the USA and have the typically three prong power outlets. Do I need to ground my machine? I am not a dummy when it comes to electronics or schematics but my experience is working with much smaller parts; capacitors, diodes, transistors, resistors, etc (from building my own guitar pedals).

I plan on using an external power strip for the vent fan, air assist pump, and water pump and I have also planned on converting the Flowmeter and temp gauge to USB and connecting them to the external power strip (which includes 4 USB ports). But I also want to connect an 80mm fan for smoke assist, a red dot indicator, and LED lights to backlight the flowmeter. Can I connect them to the existing PS? If so, does anyone have a schematic? From what I understand I have the 2nd type of PS. The one that has the test button on it. I included a picture of it so you have a better idea of what PS I am using.

I really appreciate any advice.
Thank you in advance,

The K40 Laser: Getting Started category has a lot of specific answers, like grounding. It’s intended to be entirely worth your time to read. :slight_smile:

I read it, that is actually where I started but I was looking for more specif info about my setup. Thank you.

OK, go ahead with more specifics to get more specific help! What questions about grounding weren’t answered in Laser safety: Light and Electricity ?

Typical advice on the power supplies has been that they don’t do well with adding much load. K40 enhancements and modifications says

The K40’s stock power supply is adequate, just barely, for K40 operations. If you add stuff on (like LED strips for viewing the lasing through the window while engraving, or for better visibility to set up stock to work on) it may cause issues because the power supply is just barely able to put out the power.

That’s what I thought but wanted to be sure. How about the telescoping nozzle or auto adjusting bed? Any suggestions? I would rather have a non mechanical bed and the telescoping nozzle to adjust for the correct 50.8 focus but I am open to suggestions.

Also, which nozzle would work best for the K40? I have heard there are mounting issues with the ones from light object, etc.