K40 Manual OK not actually a lot better then any thing coming out of

K40 Manual

OK not actually a lot better then any thing coming out of china. Not sure how many of you have heard of FullSpectrum Laser a company that produces lasers out of Las Vegas. Well they got there start by converting K40 lasers with a custom controller based on Beagle Bone. I would not necessarily recommend these guys but they did produce a pretty good manual for there original K40 Laser read through it about 80% applies to the K40.

Wow I did not know that

Yah, it is pretty amazing they have made an entire business out of retrofitting these Chinese lasers this is still true with the exception of there Hobby Laser which is actually there low end. All of there larger lasers are basically Chinese lasers with a custom controller. They have expanded into 3D printing but I personally have had a bad experience with these guys. I have a Hobby Laser but have gutted it replacing the controller and the power supply. I have also replaced the tube but this can reasonably be attributed to normal use. There software was a really a pain to use.

They have a new one coming next month (the Muse) that looks like a knockoff of what the Glowforge is supposed to be.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty this is what you and I were musing about on a few posts, I.E building a better K40!

@donkjr ​ exactly. My understanding is the the K40 are not legally certified to comply with US law or something like that. If that’s not the case then I do t know why others haven’t gotten to do this as they did

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty I have wounder this exact question. I believe the legal end run involves becoming a re seller just like all of these other companies that ship K40s from the states they are just reselling the K40 laser. Of course the fact that they are modifying it introduces a grey area??

@Nick_Williams ​ not sure at all. I know there is a laser CLASS that requires some certification of some sort.