K40 LPS Type Interconnection & Conversion

I have been meaning to do this for some time.
Since I spend so much time with LPS configuration, wiring, conversions, etc(etc(etc etc.etc))

I created a cheat sheet for mine and others to use.

The included chart is intended to link the common set of functions that LPS performs to different kinds of supplies and their interconnections.
From this, you should be able to troubleshoot and convert from one supply to another.
There are tabs included with pictures of the mapped supplies.

I plan to update this as missing configurations get revealed

Feel free to check this as I am tired of looking at it, and let me know when you find an error.


If you prefer to make yourself a desk copy … here ya go!
K40 LPS Type Interconnection & Conversion .pdf (7.7 MB)

BTW I think K40 LPS deserve their own subcategory :)!