K40 laser tripping whole house

Hi everyone.

Ok so I have bought a k40 laser and have set it up, I’m currently in the phase of aligning the mirrors ect. My problem is that the laser keeps making my house trip has anyone had this before I live in the uk if that helps.

P.s complete newbie here so I have no idea

Does it trip the breaker as soon as you turn it on or after you power it up and do something particular?

I can turn it on, all systems are go and then when I fire the laser for its alignment test it trips. It’s the third time it’s done it now

It might have many causes. I would check if one of the tube ends (or cables to the tube) spark to the case. It could also be a faulty laser power supply.

Ok I will change the power lead first it’s just a normal kettle lead. And I will open the laser cover up and check for any dogy wiring. Fingers crossed

If your whole house breaker trips and not the breaker for the individual circuit it is on, you need an electrician, unless you are running so close to maximum load for your house that any additional load overloads the main breaker, which seems unlikely. Circuit breakers can fail, and if that particular circuit is behind a circuit breaker that is welded closed you have fire danger. You could test it on a different branch circuit.

Since you are in the UK, last I knew code in the UK also required that every mains plug contain a separate fuse. If that fuse is not blowing, you might have a breaker that is tripping too easily. But you still want an electrician to diagnose that. (I’ve personally had to replace two high-current breakers that failed tripping too easily, so I know it can happen.)

But also, if it is tripping breakers, it certainly does seem very likely that you have a fault in the unit. If you are lucky, it’s bad wiring that is easy to fix; if you are less lucky the LPS has a fault and needs to be replaced.

It does sound like you might have multiple problems to fix! :frowning:

Does it throw the breaker EVERY TIME you push the test button on the console.
Did you buy it new?

Can you post pictures of:
Laser power supply showing the connectors
Tube showing the cathode and anode wiring.
Are you plugged into a circuit with a GFI?

Ok so I have moved it down stairs where I have more sockets to see if that was the problem and so far so good no tripping or any issues with the electrics. I checked the wires at the back and in the control panel all were secure and correct. It must have been the power overload from that room as I was using an extension for the fan and laser :frowning: as always though I have my fire extinguisher right next to me. Cheers for all you help guys I feel I may become a local with questions lol.