K40 laser not firing

Went to turn my machine on this morning…it found home with no problem. But when I send a job over, the laser doesn’t fire. The head moves back and forth like it is engraving, but nothing is engraving. When I press the test fire button directly on the PSU, it pulses, but is shooting blanks when I’m trying to do a job.

The tube is new, maybe a month old. I’ve also checked the water flow and it is flowing well.
I do hear a light screech when I press the test button on the PSU, every few times I try to test fire from the PSU. Also, the machine is a couple years old so it didn’t come with a water sensor like some of the newer machines. Not sure why it’s not firing from the panel or the software.

Can anyone guide me where to look first to solve this issue?

does the pot not set too low ?

Hey Stephane,

Not sure what you’re asking? Can you explain?

I think he’s asking if the power is set to low so that the laser isn’t energizing.

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Have you check all the interlocks if you have any?

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if you are pushing the test button down on the supply and it does not fire then your problem is likely the supply and the hiss is likely the HVT leaking.
The LPS test button bypasses all the controls.