K40 large page turns background to black

Hi there, I recently started using K40 with my 100w 900x600mm chinese laser cutter. It really works a treat, thanks so much for this software. One problem I found is that as soon as my page size goes above A2 it turns the background to black when I import my svg file into K40. Does anyone know of a work around to this problem? Im using Inkscape 0.92 and K40 0.45

K40 Whisperer uses Inkscape to create the raster images for raster engraving. Apparently when an image too large is requested from Inkscape it outputs an empty image that results in the black image in K40 Whisperer.

A work around, that is not great, is to make the page size smaller than the design in Inkscape. As long as the page size is within the limit of the image size from Inkscape it will come into K40 Whisperer fine. The limit to the workaround is that the available area for raster engraving is limited to the page size in Inkscape. You can have vector engrave/cut features off of the page but not raster features.

I am not sure what the actual limit in Inkscape is but with a stock K40 Laser or slightly larger engraver this never is an issue because the cutting area is naturally limited.

The other thing you can consider it trying Meerk40t. It handles raster data differently.