K40 l Lightburn and LaserWeb different movement directions

Hey guys,

need your help with my K40 with Mini Gerbil Board

Limit Switches are in the upper left.

To use Lightburn I have to set $3=3 and $23=3 to have the right direction of movement (klicking left the laser moves left, klicking up the laser moves up and so on) and homing to the upper left edges.

If I want use my K40 with LaserWeb I have to set $3=1 to get the right way of movement. With $3=3 the movement in the y-axis is diversed. I experimented with the $3 and $23 values to get common values, because some projects are better to work in LaserWeb and some in Lightburn.

Can I set up something in LaserWeb to get a right way of direction and homing in the upper left with same $-values or do I have to setup the right values before every use in each software?

Hope I can explain my problem right. Sorry for my school-english (it is some years ago) :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for your help

I’ve never tried it, but can you prefix your gcode with the settings required?

good question!
The Problem is I don’t know the required settings and don’t know how to prefix the gcode.

Re-setting the $$values after starting LaserWeb would be possible but I am looking for a solution with no manual changing before every job and with a risk of forgetting to set the right values!

This sounds very odd to me, as LW doesn’t swap any direction and just sends G commands with positive x/y values for positive direction (right/up). If your limit switches are on top left, you should need $23=1 not 3!

I would compare the gcodes of Lightburn and LaserWeb for the same square. Move to the right or top should be positive! Moves to the left or buttom should be negative.

In LW we usualy set the buttom left corner as zero, which means homing should set x=0 and y=max. travel.

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Got it yesterday!!
Set my machine origin to bottom left (first I had it at top left, that was the reason for the issues) and got the right way of direction with $3=4 and I think $23=1 (was too late yesterday and I forgot to write it down) :smiley:

If I home my laser it goes now to the upper left where my switches are.

The only problem is … If I home my laser it shows this as xy00 …So I have to set an offset because now I work with a negative workspace. If I start a project with beginning at current position I get a popup that this job runs out of my borders and I have to confirm it. It works - but only with current position. With absolute coordinates I have to test a little bit to get it working.

Homing just finds the physical machine origin (abolute), but the DRO shows work coordinates (need $10=0).

Before running a job you usualy move to the bottom left corner of the material you want to cut or engrave and push “set zero” there. This sets the work coordinates to 0/0 by storing the work offset. After that your object is in positive space.

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yes I just read some articles and saw that I have to set $10=0 and then I can set an offset to work in negative space!

Have to test it out if I am at home this evening :slight_smile: