K40 heat brick placement. Is this correct? Thx in advance

Hello again. I am almost ready to turn this k40 on but before I do I would like to know if this is set up correctly. I received this machine and on inspection I noticed that my (what I guess is called) a heat brick does not seem to be placed where I noticed other machines of the same type are place.

I created a sort video to share my problem and suspicion with everyone to see if anyone can advice me on what I should do. In my opinion this brick should be lying flat on the bulb like in other pictures and video I have seen. Mine is not. Can anyone way in on my suspicion. Thank you.

The video shows my setup and a setup from someone that has experience with lasers. thank you in advance video link:

That isn’t a heat sensor. That’s where the high voltage (15,000V!) wire from the power supply is spliced onto the wire from the laser tube. The white block is a ceramic insulator to protect the connection and contain the high voltage. So the placement you have isn’t an issue.

It would be a good idea to verify that the frame of your K40 is connected to your mains ground connection (the third pin in the outlet of the wall of your home).
There is a lot of good information in the New to K40: Start Here thread, worth a read through.

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Thank you! That is fantastic news and a great learning. I did check to make sure that my ground is working by using a Klein Tools RT210 Outlet Tester plus I did turn on the machine and I am not dead and was able to write you back. :slight_smile:
Plus, what I found was that when I turn my MA meter knob up or down it does not display any change but it is for sure changing based on my test fires.

Plus my mirrors are way off and shooting about a 3mm to the left of the 2nd mirror from my perspective facing the machine. I did buy new mirrors so I guess it is time for that challenge

Thank you for your help!.

Plus, I just checked inside the machine and did notice that the ground is wired up and leading to the 3rd prong within the k40. Thank you for that vital information.

You won’t read any current until the tube lases.


The mA display should show you the current flowing through the tube when the tube is firing, not any other time. And please read the K40 Intro linked at the top of this page so you don’t over drive your tube and wear it out way too fast.

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Thank you. yes I have and am reading it. I was aware of the ability to overdrive the bulb from the many videos I have been watching so I only raised it mm or 2. Very important, thank you. :slight_smile:

Thank you Dougl Yes, you are (as you knew) correct. I had to give it a try and yes, the number changed when I test fired. Thank you once again. I guess this thing is working. Now I just have to align the mirrors. :slight_smile: Thank you again!

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Thank you jkwilborn. I gave it a shot and it worked! Thank you.