K40 faded engraving

I am having an issue engraving a simple chopping board. As you can see it starts well but then becomes faded the further away from “home” it gets. Any ideas what I am doing wrong or how to resolve it?

What beam alignment have you done?

Our alignment seems fine as we produce other products too (see attached). However this is the first time with this type of wood. Could the material be causing this? I am at a total loss a d face no idea at the moment!

I should add it’s the same fonts we use and sizing!

I would flip the material around and see if the faded (right) side prints correctly when placed on left.

It sure looks like the beam is going out of focus as it goes right!

Place the carridge at various locations on the right and burn a dot to see if it fades.

Thank you I will try that today. If it is fading to the right, is there anyway to rectify it?

Depends on what the problem actually is:

  • Adjust optics so that the beam is in the same place on the mirrors when fully to the right