K40 engraving in wrong place

I have been engraving slate coasters, first 2 no problem 3rd one laser head moved to the left and started engraving fresh air. Redid program in Inkscape and tried again had the same problem.
I’m sure setting up is ok.

What software are you using to control the laser after you created/edit the design in Inkscape?

Just using k40 whisperer. never had any problems till now.

It’s been a while since I used K40 Whisperer but maybe there is a setting for starting from Origin vs Starting from Absolute Coordinates and it got changed some how? Windows was always good at changing things behind your back but hopefully not the case.

I’ve had a few little problems on computer since a recent Windows update. I’ll try re installing see if that works.

Seem to have sorted it now, cleaned and oiled guide rail and rollers, working fine at the moment.