K40 CloudRay K Series Optics Upgrade

So after my recent unexplained optic alignment shift.

I decided to look to see what I could find for better mirror mounts. I knew CloudRay made the K series optic mounts that supposedly would fit a K40. On Amazon they were like $50-60 USD but on AliExpress I could get a set for $36. Then I found there was a CloudRay clone company called FireRay. I could get the apparent same set mounts for $24. Decided to give those a shot.

I know this set is not a true drop in replacement and will take some work to install.

Looks like I might need to print a new carriage plate for the laser head as it apparently sits up higher then current head. Several versions available on Thingiverse.

Even a laser cut version.

I’ll keep everyone posted after these arrive some time in the next month or so. If anyone has experience installing these in your K40 please feel free to chime in with any tips. :slight_smile:

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I have one of these mounts in cad.


Anything is better than the flimsy mirror mounts used in a stock K40.

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Yet another thing to consider in my K40 rebuild.

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I have found the rotary mount design to be stable and easy to adjust.
I made these all by hand (from 1/4" acrylic) and have one designed in Fusion (untested).
They should be able to be cut on a K40 although I never had a need to …

I can provide dimensions for the others or add them into CAD if they get used.

As a common problem seems like it would be useful to design these once and for ALL k40 users.

I also wanted to redesign the objective lens holder to make it adjustable.