K40 at work, let's start the fun ! I am designing a kind of

(Stephane BUISSON) #1

K40 at work, let’s start the fun !

I am designing a kind of “bread board” frame to create automatas.
things start to come togethers, you start to understand why I posted the involute gears, 507 movements, … links.

(Ashley M. Kirchner [Norym]) #2

What material is that?

(Stephane BUISSON) #3

@Ashley_M_Kirchner_No fruit boxes from the market ;-)), sort of 3 mm plywood. (look at my very early posts)

(Ashley M. Kirchner [Norym]) #4

Oh nice, recycled material! Eco friendly automata.

(David Cook) #5

That’s cool

(Gary McKinnon) #6

Wow! Amazing! I’ve been into robots/AI/Automatons for a while but not had the chance to build much. By the way i just saw your hangout request, sorry but i don’t check that Google mail i just have it so i can use Google stuff but don’t use it for email.

(Stephane BUISSON) #7

@Gary_McKinnon not a big deal, it was to say, i was happy with this community only, and wasn’t looking for more work for myself with other website/forum.

(Gary McKinnon) #8

Ah yes, okay thanks.