K40 Air Assist System Followup - Final comments

Completed my K40 air assist system ( see attached photos) . Here is a list of what I did:

  1. Upsized my existing drag chain to allow 3/16" ID /9/32 OD" Silicone rubber tube.

  2. Installed American Photonics upgrade lens with air assist distribution nozzle.

  3. Installed a needle valve for modulated air flow and an optional bypass for full air flow on my air compressor discharge line. I have used both and depending on what specific engraving I’m doing it nice to have this option.

I have tried my new system several times and what a difference from of course no air assist at all and also from my first trial air assist nozzle that was hard to adjust .

I also purchased a reverse alignment red diode from American Photonics along with a 16 mm lens kit with a couple different nozzles for different focal length. I also have a 12 mm lens with adjustable focal length. These laser heads will also fit a future upgrade I have planned to change out my mirrors and laser head to Cloudray K series. Love the high quality laser gear American Photonics offers.

I would like to thank all who provided me feedback on my K40 air assist system. I looked at every option and used your feedback to design the best cleanest layout for K40.

Thanks all! I’m sure I will need more feedback on K40 changes as a progress ahead. Next update I plan is to install my Omtech provided Lightburn motherboard and camera.



Well done…

Thank you. Wealth of knowledge in this forum and really helped me think through the simplest and most efficient way to complete my Air assist system

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