K-40 Panel

(Custom Creations) #1

Here is my K-40 panel for now. I did not get all the parts in that I want to use but here it is so far. Nothing special. :smirk:

(Ned Hill) #2

Nice. Are you using two tone acrylic or painting the engravings white?

(Custom Creations) #3

Paint. Too poor to get 2 tone… LOL

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(Ned Hill) #4

Nothing wrong with paint, it’s what I did with mine. Used silver calligraphy ink, makes it sparkle a bit :slight_smile:

(Custom Creations) #5

What is the Pot. (V) part and how is it connected?

(Ned Hill) #6

Ah, excellent question :slight_smile: That’s a voltmeter measuring the voltage between the In and ground pins on the potentiometer. The voltage is directly proportional to current so I can just turn the pot to a voltage.

(Ned Hill) #7

More discussion here

(Custom Creations) #8

Oh, ok. I have a bunch of those I used for vape mods :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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(Ned Hill) #9

Yeah it’s a 3 wire meter pulling off the 5V on the power supply to read voltages below 3V.
Wiring diagrams here:

(Custom Creations) #10

This is the style I have. No docs for it. Lol.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #11

Gives you an accurate pot position by reading the IN voltage. This way you do not have to have graduations.
It’s a value of 0-5.

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(Custom Creations) #12

Here it is installed.

(Anthony Bolgar) #13

Looks good!

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(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #14

Very sharp nice job!

(Custom Creations) #15

Thanks! Now to control the Z with Easy stepper and some type of small Arduino board…