Just wanted to share my development in terms of new Extruder Carriage for the

Just wanted to share my development in terms of new Extruder Carriage for the Spider V2.

See my current design state with this public Fusion360 link: http://a360.co/2jw5CQK (It may change over time and be unusable, I will share it once I have a working “final” version.)

I decided to take some ideas from other Designs I had seen and add some stuff that came to my mind. Of course this is notably inspired by @Walter_Hsiao again but I turned the fans around this time as @Matt_Miller did in his design. This gives plenty of room behind the E3D and hopefully works better with cooling. Therefore I decided to step back to the stock 30mm fan at first and see how it works.

One of the biggest changes of course is the fact that the fan duct isn’t a separate part now - i put everything together into one piece. The primary reason is that the bed level sensor I’m using (an IR Sensor) that needs to be mounted quite deep down to the bed and this works much better if those are not separate parts. Also this should be simpler at the end. Design was a bit challenging of course to be able to print it without tons of support.

For the linears I decided to test something new. I had a guy from Igus in my basement today and will receive some ECLM samples around in a few days (http://www.igus.com/wpck/3778/igubal_Clips_Gelenklager_ECLM). They are similar to the SDP-SI bushings and may work in this situation. They could be a cheap and easier to source alternative. I will try them on the carriage at first and if it works will probably give the 10mm ones a try on the outer ends.

The thing is already printed and test in terms of hotend fit, cable routing and all that stuff – I’m just waiting on Igus now.

Happy to hear your comments.

I really like this monoblock design - very clean!

Really clean indeed… I wished it was transparent to check the first layers easier.

Great design. And I am excited to see how the igus bearings perform.

Your Extruder Carriage is pretty inspiring, I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Elegantly simple, less parts equals better assembly tolerances

nice work ! but there is any way to add a proximity sensor?

Yes, but only for the one i’m using (IR sensor on a small pcb). Will post some photos later.

Nice! I’m going to adopt it for the chimera and try to keep the same form factor