Just wanted to point out the incredible customer service I received from  http://taulman3d.com/ today.

Just wanted to point out the incredible customer service I received from http://taulman3d.com/ today. A week ago, I sent a “complaint” - it wasn’t really a complaint, so much as suggestions that they keep their Nylon in better containers, because the batch that I got was very moist. I wasn’t mad - I was going to spend the time building a reel-to-reel filament rewinder and drier to dry it out.

Little did I know, taulman sent me a new 1lb spool that has been kept in drier conditions. He told me that since my original order, they had figured out their storage area was way more moist than they realized and had taken steps to correct it.

The new nylon is so damn smooth. - Now, I don’t recommend anyone goes and starts emailing the guy expecting free rolls of filament, but I was nicely surprised.

How do you like it? And what printer are you printing this filament with? And one more question, how hard is this stuff to get off the print bed?

I wonder if printing some replacement parts for a printer like Prusa i2 would be beneficial with this material?

I’ve gone through a few gears and other parts as normal ware and wonder if this filament would be better suited for the high stress parts?

I like it. The problem isn’t getting it to unstick, it’s getting it to stick, Nylon is very slippery!

The material becomes more rigid the more volume you add to it. However, I don’t think I’d recommend it for the parts on an i2; My 1"x1"x2" (approx) Y-corners made out of Nylon could be flexed slightly. It doesn’t matter for my application, because those parts don’t receive any actual stresses, but the i2 vertices are what hold the frame rigid, and I fear they would increase the amount of X flexing you receive with that frame type.

I’m interested in the high-stress, high-wear parts as well, which is why I’ve been attempting Nylon for a bit. I’m going to be experimenting again with it more once I get some Garolite material to print on.

I’ll keep posting about it when I make progressions.

I wish they would sell it on a reel, my 618 is so damn springy, it’s a job to keep it hanging on my rod.

@Bracken_Dawson they sell it on a spool with this springy wrapping that keeps it all rolled in place.

Yes please let us know if it works out nice I’d like to print some gears and what not for my printer.

taulman is a great guy and his products are game changing. Glad to hear him get some kudos. Argh, I hate that word.

Incidentally, he’s got a new filament called 645 that’s much stiffer than the 618. Way better for structural parts.

@Ben_Malouf , your post caused me to relook at the contents of my package; I have the 645 nylon as well! O_O. Holy crap. Will keep everyone posted with my results on both materials.

i <3 good customer service

I have received excellent customer service from Taulman too. And if you wish to print stuff that (depending on the structure) is almost unbreakable, Taulman nylon is worth a try. I printed a 6 layer disc and always when I demo 3D-printing I ask people to try and break it. Nobody has managed. If they have read the article where people printed a cell phone cover and it broke down, they understand the author just did not use the correct materials. But - I must admit that while nylon is way less brittle, it is also a bit more difficult to work with and requires a good printer. I have three at my disposal and miniFactory was the only one well up to the task.