Just waiting for a few more parts to arrive,

(seb seb) #1

Just waiting for a few more parts to arrive, the extruder is working great! (It is my first 3d printer)

(Alex Wiebe) #2

I love seeing this kind of hacking and ingenuity! (Just don’t bring it to school - LOL!) Seriously though, you’ve got some ambition and persistence to get this far - keep us posted on the progress!

(seb seb) #3

@Alex_Wiebe Thanks! Will do! I am hoping to have it printing in a few weeks from now!

(seb seb) #4

@Nathan_Walkner ​ The z motors are mitsumi M42SP-6t I salvaged from some old printers. They are 4wire bipolar motors. I am using ramps 1.4 with repetier host firmware and they run fine!

(Adam Steinmark) #5

Impressive if you can get it to work. Are the LEGO bricks glued together?

(seb seb) #6

@Adam_Steinmark The linear rods and bearings are glued to the lego bricks but the lego bricks aren’t glued to each other.

(seb seb) #7

@Nathan_Walkner Oh right. I might have to buy some more nema 17’s off ebay then… I hope not as my budget is very limited!!

(seb seb) #8

@Adrian_Ciubotariu Yea I am planning to print new parts when it works! Thanks! It has been great building it! I am from France too! In the Lot. I would love that screen! How much?

(seb seb) #9

@Adrian_Ciubotariu Ok 2euros is great, thanks!! :wink: I don’t really use hangouts, I will download the app…

(seb seb) #10

@Adrian_Ciubotariu I got hangouts and sent you a message! :wink:

(Griffin Paquette) #11

Looks like a good candidate to convert to a smartrap! Are you using 6mm rod on your x and y axis’?

(seb seb) #12

@Griffin_Paquette No it’s 8mm rod. :wink: