Just thought I would share a nice autonomous landing from this afternoon.

Just thought I would share a nice autonomous landing from this afternoon. This is a full size Talon flying our in-house developed flight stack software (AuraUAS) and flight control hardware (Goldy3/Bolder Flight Systems) at the U of MN UAV Lab. The system is built on top of a beaglebone linux computer, and leverages much python code in the flight critical main loop. The goal is a system that is simpler to understand and modify, while still performing to the highest standards.

Originally shared by Curtis Olson

I realized I haven’t posted anything here in a while so here’s something recent. This is still an autonomous (fixed wing) auto-landing, but from the perspective of the airplane. In addition I’ve overlaid a HUD on the nose-cam footage and added some augmented reality objects to help see what is going on. The main thing is trajectory marker gates that show where the airplane is trying to fly in order to complete the landing. I also show the predicted location of the sun and moon in the sky … if these line up (or are close) that means the on board attitude / position estimator is pretty much right on.


I had wondered about the labelled moon when I saw that pop up on youtube the other day! Thanks for explaining. I sure enjoy seeing these videos.

I do post complete flights to my aurauas channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_AWqZyWYvnA-h9MMcbNYyA

I don’t expect that anyone to actually watch these videos all the way through, but … if you are fascinated by the inner workings of an autopilot and an attitude determination system, this channel will keep you busy for a while. :slight_smile: