Just started printing the openrc project.  I started with the Rims in PLA.  Is

Just started printing the openrc project. I started with the Rims in PLA. Is there a preference for the parts in ABS or PLA. I know i dont want to print the differential in PLA in light of Szymon’s post about the gears melting but other then that whats everyones thoughts?

I would like to know this too. I want to print as much as possible with pla. Wich parts would you suggest to print with abs?

Printed the differentials today with abs and a .5mm nozzle. The gears look good and usable but the housing that the gears go into are a little rough and require some cleanup. Anyone else printing with a .5 nozzle and experience this. And yes the extruder is calibrated. I have a .35 nozzle and am contemplating putting it in. Well see this ill clean them up and see how they work.

Thanks in advanced for the replies.

Trying right now to print slower and turned the flow down a bit to see what happens. My layer hieght is .252 and my extrusion wodth is .7mm. What is everyone else printing at with a .5mm nozzle?